Evgenia recently released her film adaptation of Nick Hornby’s novel, Juliet Naked, starring Ethan Hawke, Rose Byrne, & Chris O’Dowd, and directed by her brother, Jesse Peretz. Juliet, Naked is the story of Annie (the long-suffering girlfriend of Duncan) and her unlikely transatlantic romance with once revered, now faded, singer-songwriter, Tucker Crowe, who also happens to be the subject of Duncan’s musical obsession. The film opened theatrically in August 2018, and is currently available on Amazon Prime Video.

Evgenia has just produced her first documentary, Theo Who Lived, directed by her husband, David Schisgall, about a freelance American journalist, Theo Padnos (a childhood friend from Cambridge) who was held captive by Al Qaeda for two years. The film opened theatrically in October 2016, and will be available on Netflix in December 2016.

The film Our Idiot Brother was very much a family affair for Evgenia. She wrote the script—about a sunny, naive idealist who wreaks chaos onto the lives of his three jaded sisters—with her husband, David Schisgall, and her brother, Jesse Peretz, directed it. Once Paul Rudd signed on as the lead, a dream cast was assembled, including Elizabeth Banks, Zoe Deschanel, Emily Mortimer, Steve Coogan and Rashida Jones. It premiered at Sundance in 2011, and opened wide in August 2011.